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A freelance business will forever change how you work & earn a living…

But making the leap to freelancing feels OVERWHELMING.

A Freelance startup bootcamp

"Andres turned my confusion into clarity!"

LLCs, tax stuff, and business plans—nailed it. Now I’m not just dreaming, I’m PROFITING! 🎉

Denise, Marketing Freelancer

provides mentorship and expert guidance to help you define your service offerings, identify your ideal clients, set competitive pricing, and develop a marketing strategy—all within two weeks!

And Includes:

All to create ONE thing…


Taught by a seasoned Freelance Business Expert

"With a solid background in freelance consulting and entrepreneurship, having built my own freelance business...

I’m ready to share the core techniques and strategies I’ve utilized to help others build and sustain successful freelance careers—skills that are effective today and will continue to be vital in the future.”


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Working with Andres has saved a lot of time. I’m not overwhelmed anymore. It’s a big thing for me.

Dennis, Copywriter

Freelancing is the ultimate way to


without the limitations of a 9-5 job or capped salary potential.

I have gained deeper insights and knowledge for my business.

Anisha, Mindset Coach

Whether You're:

You’ll walk away from



A Tailored Business Model

that aligns with your skills, interests, and the needs of your target market



– that perfectly suits your services and helps you connect with ideal clients



based on industry benchmarks and the unique value you offer



to structure your business setup and client acquisition steps, no matter your current progress



including essential tools and resources to streamline your freelance operations and increase efficiency


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Here's How It Works:



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Dive Into Your Bootcamp Action Plan


Engage with Daily Pre-Recorded Training


Achieve More in Days Than You Have in Months

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The biggest challenge for myself was having a direction. Andres gave me more clarity for what I can accomplish in my business.

Omar, Business Consultant

When You Enroll in LAUNCHPAD, You Get All of These BONUSES, Too!


$47 Value

15-Minute Mindset Mastery Sessions

Starting your freelance journey or recovering from setbacks can feel daunting, with mindset hurdles often being the biggest obstacle.

Engage in daily 15-minute mindset chats designed to boost your confidence, overcome fears, and cultivate a success-oriented mindset critical for your freelancing venture.

These sessions provide you with the mental resilience and positive outlook necessary for navigating the ups and downs of freelancing, ensuring you’re not just prepared to start but to thrive and succeed in your freelance business.


$47 Value

Extended Access Pass

This bonus is dedicated to my ambitious side hustlers, devoted parents, and dedicated full-timers.

You’ll have until May 30th – to access the training replays and tap into ongoing community support within the Bootcamp as you put your new skills into action.



$47 Value

Step-By-Step Freelance Business Workbooks

Launching your freelance career doesn’t need to be overwhelming… but it requires methodical effort. It’s all about taking strategic steps, one after another.

That’s why I’ve created a detailed workbook for each module of the bootcamp, designed to keep you focused and make establishing your freelance business as straightforward as possible.

Never second-guess your next move.

Tick tasks off your list — one by one — until you’ve built a robust freelance business you’re proud to call your own.

free bonus masterclass


Launch Your Freelance Career with Ease: 3 Simple Steps to Independence

In this LIVE Masterclass, I’ll lay out the essential steps to transition from 9-5 to freelance without the overwhelm. In this comprehensive LIVE Masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

  • Secure your first clients and build lasting professional relationships.
  • Develop a robust freelance strategy that suits your lifestyle and goals.
  • Set up your pricing structure to ensure profitable and sustainable earnings.
  • And more, covering everything you need to kickstart your freelance journey.

Achieve all this with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

No need for a big team, huge budget, or complicated setups.

limited time bonus

Don’t Miss Out

this bonus ends in:


Master Your Freelance Workflow with the LAUNCHPAD Action Plan

The key to thriving as a freelancer isn’t just about having skills—it’s about effectively managing your projects and time. I’ve discovered that the most significant step toward success is not just knowing what to do but when and how to do it efficiently.

Inside this limited-time bonus, I’ll share the LAUNCHPAD Action Plan that I’ve perfected over years. This plan includes detailed scheduling tools and task management strategies that make balancing multiple projects seem like a breeze.

I’ve tailored a calendar and action plan with designated “work time” slots for learning and applying the Bootcamp trainings in a way that fits easily into your existing commitments.

Structured in repeatable systems that you can use long after the bootcamp is over, as you continue to grow your freelance business.

THAT MEANS when you sign up for LAUNCHPAD You Get…

Snag over $425 in value for just…


one-time payment


Join LAUNCHPAD Risk-Free

We 100% guarantee you’ll be thrilled with this bootcamp.

If after the end of Training Day 1 you feel like you haven’t received way more value than you invested, we will gladly refund you in full.

All you have to do is email support@andresdoesbusiness.com by 11:59pm PT on May 16th for a full refund.

You probably won’t want to.

But just know that you can. 🙂

“But, Andres, I’m Not Sure I Have Enough Experience to Start Freelancing…”

Here’s a little secret.

Not a single freelancer in history started out feeling they had all the answers. 🤷 It’s natural for your brain to start thinking about all the reasons this won’t work.

But those “won’t work” thoughts are just as much your imagination as the “will work” thoughts. 💭

So how do you move from doubt to action? 👇

Inside LAUNCHPAD, I’m going to lay out proven strategies for launching your freelance career. (Having guided countless professionals to freelance success, I KNOW what works!)

And I can’t think of a better (or more low-risk) way to test your potential in the freelance world.

💪 At the very least?

👍 For $27, you’ll use real-world exercises and community feedback to determine if your skills are market-ready… or if they need a bit more polishing.

But at the very best?

🥳 For $27, you’ll gain total confidence (backed by practical results) that your skills are more than sufficient, and you’ll have the framework of your freelance business set up in just a few days.

But I get it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big leap. 😅🚩 Just considering this path takes bravery.

So I will be with you every step of the way, reminding you that your dreams of running your own business, changing how you work, and making a living doing what you love… are worth pursuing.

Deal? 🤝


Still Have Questions?

Here’s what others have asked:

If you’re at a point where you’re craving more control over your work-life balance, eager to unlock your potential as a freelancer, or just looking to escape the 9-5 grind, this bootcamp is your golden ticket. It’s designed for go-getters ready to make a significant change and committed to growth.

Our trainings are scheduled to be released at the 6AM PT to ensure they fit into your busy life seamlessly. For the exact dates and times, please refer to our Calendar of Events.

No worries! We understand life happens. That’s why all our sessions are recorded and will be available on the bootcamp platform. You can catch up at your convenience without missing a beat.

Absolutely! We’re confident you’ll find immense value in this bootcamp. If you feel you haven’t received more value than your investment by the end of Training Day 1, we’ll issue a full refund. Just email support@andresdoesbusiness.com by 11:59pm PT on May 16th. We doubt you’ll need it, but it’s there for your peace of mind.


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